Saturday, October 3, 2009

Knotts Scary Farm!

Here's a picture I took at Disneyland, I think:

Brandon and Rosie jammin'

Here I am with the fire performers. They were totally awesome. We're friends now:

Post flume:

Corey, Brandon, Holt, and Rosie wait for dee coaster

Ahhh, an actor popped out of the bushes!

Brandon gets ready for Carousel. (Sorry it's blurry: it was 1/8 s exposure and I was hanging on a swing, jeez)

"The Lifeclocks are a lie - Carousel is a lie!!"

This one was scary:

Ahhhhh. It moved too. This one was a pants-changer:

Oh man: Steele and Brandon 30 seconds before we found out we were NOT on the mellow kiddy coaster we thought we had gotten onto, but on the crazy super-fast upside-down coaster.