Wednesday, July 8, 2009

San Gabriel Peak and Mount Disappointment

On Friday, July 3rd, Patrick and I hit a couple small peaks in the San Gabriels: San Gabriel Peak (6,161 ft.) and Mount Disappointment (5,960 ft.).

We had beautiful weather, if a little warm, and met a really nice couple who pointed out some other routes that they recommended we try at some point.

It was good to get up over a mile high; we're trying to start getting used to thinner air to prepare for a "three-legged race" assault on Denali later this year (not really).

This is on the narrow road leading into the park:

"Look, we drove to a place!":

Patrick 50m into the journey:

It got really steep, really fast. Those cars are the JPL parking lot, where we parked, and the trail begins immediately with switchbacks:

Massive pine cones abounded:

Nice view from the trail. It's a little crooked...I was breathing hard, I guess:

Patrick hikes effortlessly along, as I try to control my wheezing:

Giant, sweet-smelling flowers were waiting for us near the top of Disappointment:

We knew there had been a Nike missile silo built on Disappointment in 1955, but weren't sure what it looked like now, since it had been filled in. This area was our best guess:

Thomas channels the spirit of the Nike missile. Reebok created a Cold War missile, too, but it was never as popular:

Patrick and Thomas at summit of San Gabriel Peak:

Patrick does a little scrambling:

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