Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Joshua Tree

Patrick and I went to Joshua Tree for New Years weekend and had a blast. We did two solid days of climbing, hitting the park at 9am, and climbing until we had to use headlamps to take down our anchor. Unfortunately, my camera died fairly early on, but I thought I'd put up the few pictures I do have, that show us at camp in a dried lake bed managed by the BLM.

I took a couple long exposure (6 - 8 s.) shots that turned out pretty cool. Our shadows are really sharp because of the full moon.

Here's the first one, taken facing NNW:

This one's a longer exposure, taken facing SW with a campfire and the town of Joshua Tree in the background. The white peak behind Patrick's head is San Jacinto.

You can see the texture of the lake bed a little bit here (and the van's chipped paint):

Same view of JT, but without Patrick and me:

Patrick tries to get comfortable:

Same shot, but totally reminiscent of one of my favorite Anselm Kiefer paintings:

The painting:

It kept getting colder, and we kept putting on more clothes:

"Sweet New Years party!"

Base camp:

Thomas tries not to freeze his lips off, enjoying a new years toast:

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