Wednesday, August 26, 2009

San Diego 8/22/09

Patrick and I went to Meaney home base in San Diego last weekend. Here are some photos from our trip. (Not pictured: either of the two car smogging expeditions).

It's hip, it's new, it's Tree Football:

Patrick and Jack working the dead tree in the front yard loose:

Jack takes a swing at the stubborn stump:

Aggression against the tree is sublimated into feats of strength:

Even Mom got in on the action:



We bought this enormous skull at Costco, and realized we could never cut the tree down if we wanted to have the spookiest front yard on the block. Be sure and watch the video at the bottom of this entry for audio!

Mosie, in a moment of reflection:

Definitely the best thing we saw on the drive home: a doggie with sunglasses on!

Took a few videos too:
Dancing to Scooter
Jack in tree

Thomas in tree


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