Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Section of Backbone Trail and Bouldering at Miniholland

So last Sunday Patrick and I hit a sort of random section of the Santa Monica Backbone Trail, starting at the Zuma Trancas parking lot (see route below). Then we headed northwest to this trailhead by Encinal Canyon Road where we turned south and powered up this steep fire road to Buzzard's Roost Ranch. That was the "cardio" portion of the hike.

Then we walked up Encinal Canyon Road a little ways and saw some kind of water treatment facililty as well as a camp run by the LA Probation Dept (this section was less nature-y).

Then we headed back to the trailhead, but made a little diversion to try to check out a dry water fall (in purple below). We got sort of close, but were thwarted by thorn bushes and poison oak.

It should be noted that this section of the Backbone Trail has more poison oak than we've ever seen in one place. Beware!

Then, we headed over to a bouldering site we'd heard about called Miniholland, where, after a refreshing meal of warm water, bagels, and peanut butter, we crawled around on Boulder 2 for awhile. It was very cool. Great rock, a little shade, and we had it all to ourselves.

The view from Buzzard's Roost Ranch:

Patrick near the top:

Thomas tries not to look winded:

Patrick is grossed out by the green pool in the background (that was the water treatment facility):

Thomas assesses things on Boulder 2.

"If I put my fingers here, and push with my toes, and makes lots of little whiny noises...I go up!"

The sun was a bit bright once you got to the top:

The butt shot:

Two hours later; I'd moved up 4 feet:

Conquered the rock!

Patrick gets ready to the leap all the way to the top in one fluid, beautiful bound:

There was not a lot for the footsies here:

"Okay...now how do I get down?"

I finally made it down when Patrick promised me ice cream. (He never got me any ice cream, though. See if I fall for that one again!)

The view of the ocean coming down out of the Santa Monicas:

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