Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LA County Fair!

So, like, months ago Mindy and I went to the LA County Fair. It was awesome. We totally got in touch with our FFA alter-egos and saw some really cool stuff. I'd recommend the fair to everyone.

The scene when we arrived:

Mindy getting pumped for some Faire action:

"The World's Biggest Horse?" I'm not sure, but it was really big!

Damn, that's a big horse!

In Pirate Land:


Oh, man: hedgehogs, as we found out, are SUPER cute:

This stuff was everywhere. If I were still an omnivore I would have definitely tried some...I think:

Mindy doing a very convince ginger-bread man impression:

Baby goats = also super cute

Watch out behind you!

Le Grande Wheel:

Aboard Le Grande Wheel:

Would you like to be stuck on a ferris wheel with a man smiling like that? I wouldn't.

Shot from the top of the Ferris wheel. 1/4s exposure or something.

What sort of creature is this?

White Mountain: the biggest steer in the world. My favorite part of the fair.

White Mountain's stats:

White Mountain:

I haz an apple!

I no likez thee apple anymoer:

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