Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So maybe you thought this was pretty deep:

Or maybe you thought this was really deep:

Or maybe you're one of those types who thought this was really deep:

Well you were wrong.

Those things are not deep. You know what is deep?

Voronya Cave: the deepest cave on Earth.

Check out this great photojournalism piece on National Geographic about a team that got down to 6,824 ft in 2004.

I guess getting to the bottom of the deepest cave in the world is not just a matter of lowering yourself down on a really long rope. The 56-person expedition took two weeks, and involved a number of points where they had to scuba through freezing water to get through "sump" sections.

The new Voronya record was set in 2007 at a depth of 7,185ft.

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Patrick said...

I think we should put Mookie down there. He might feel safe that far from daylight.