Monday, October 13, 2008

I am dead

I seem to be dead.

But I don't feel dead. I guess you're only as dead as you act.

This Thomas Meaney (at right) was born in 1865 in Limerick, Ireland, and died in 1951 in Brooklyn, where this photo was taken. What a lifespan: to be born in the last year of the civil war, and live long enough to see UNIVAC, the first commercially available computer.

It's a bit weird to see one's name on a tombstone. My tombstone will look a little different, of course. The dates will be different, obviously. Also my wife will have to get her own damn tombstone. And mine will be made of porphyry. And there will be a golden statue of me atop it, wrestling a bear.

Its beauty will be a great consolation to my inheritances-less heirs.

If you'd like to find a tombstone with your name on it, just go here.

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